ShineOn University
is now
The ShineOn Challenge

We have put together a comprehensive guide to get started with ShineOn.

Covering all aspects of starting an online business and running ads to get sales, product research and creation, and customer service.

The Challenge is a go at your own pace system that allows for more advanced users to breeze past the early parts and focus more on Ads and reporting, and new users to take their time and dig into all subjects so they can become experts.

The Challenge also comes complete with a LIVE community with others in the same situation sharing their knowledge, as well as ShineOn Staff Experts to help answers any questions and give you guidance.

So hop over to to see all the updated content!

Setting Up Your Account

Learn how to make sure you have your account fully setup correctly from the beginning, so you know you are good to start selling.

Building Products

Learn how to properly build products while properly utilizing any features to make your products more successful.

Setup Facebook

We will take you on a basic setup up of a facebook account and getting ready to create and run your first Facebook Ad.